What a Time To Be Alive (Drake & Future) Review

What a Time To Be Alive Review:

Ultimately, “What a Time” is nothing compared to anything else Drake has made this year. Hotline Bling, Back to Back, Charged Up, and previous album IYRTITL are on a whole nother level above this. I believe there are two reasons for this. One, no disrespect, but Future kind of sucks. His sound is the main thing that brings down his quality. You can’t really understand him, and there’s no passion. The second reason is probably the fact that Drake might be burned out. He’s come out with so much this year that I think it’s become an issue of quality vs quantity. Don’t get me wrong, I love how much he’s been making just as much as the next Drake fan, but I think he put everything he had left into hotline bling. There are a few gems in the mixtape though, the biggest being the closing number, “30 for 30 freestyle”. This is the only song Drake does by himself and was to me an apology for the ten songs I had to listen to before this. If the others were like this, it would’ve been as good as IYRTITL. Good songs were also “live from the gutter” and “scholarships”. The rest is very sloppy and was lazily made. Especially “plastic bag”, “I’m the plug”, and “changing locations”. That is not what Drake songs should be like. Overall, I’d give it a 5/10 simply bc I really liked 3/11 of the songs but there were some golden moments from Drake in some of the other tracks.




AN UPDATE TO WATTBA REVIEW (7/14/16): After 10 months of allowing this mixtape to settle, there’s certain qualities I have learned to respect from it.  The first of which being hype a listener for get from jamming to the anthems “Big Rings” and (the wildly successful) “Jumpman”.  Drake overtime now (which I hope to discuss more in a VIEWS review) has grown a Jekyll and Hyde complex as an artist where you can like Drake the singer and/or you can like Drake the rapper.  This mixtape absolutely screams Drake the rapper which I have grown to like more and more, although I admittedly do prefer Drake the singer.  Also, FUTURE ABSOLUTELY DOES NOT SUCK! He just sucks in this :/. Probably because this is not his style and Drake and him have zero blend so once you start digging Drake’s raps, Future comes in and wrecks what was being felt.  Future is phenomenal on EVOL and DS2 because he’s in his element with his producers and his lyrical themes that make Future work so well.

Now I probably would consider upping the rating of this album to a 6/10, but not without hesitation…



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