Ready, Steady, Go! (Drake Bell) Review

Ready, Steady, Go! Review:

The third studio album by Drake Bell does not live up to his prior two, but is nonetheless a quality album proving that he can still make good music, just not write too much.  Being weighed down by a ratio of 9 covers to 3 originals, the lack of Bell’s quality writing brings it down, but Bell’s excellent vocal performance through the album makes up for it. Bell has definetely matured in his musicianship adding a lot of interesting elements (with the help of Stray Cat’s Brian Setzer) to give a 1950s feel to a lot of the album’s songs. This album actually had more covers than I first thought it did, because he makes them very much his own (like “Bull” and “I Won’t Stand In Your Way”).  The addition of an alternate version of “Makes Me Happy” really wasn’t necessary, but i guess it was a cheap trick to add another Drake Bell original into the album.  The greatest gem of the album was by far Bell’s original “Give Me A Little More Time”.  This ballad proves not only that Bell can still write great music, but that he has matured in his writing style, immensely! Overall, I’d give this album a 7.5/10 because of Drake Bell’s strong vocal performance along with interesting covers of old pieces.