untitled unmastered. (Kendrick Lamar) Review

Kendrick Lamar surprised us all with an 8 tracked compilation album, and all we could shout was “Pimp Pimp Hooray!”.  The title itself is a message that Kendrick has the industry in the palm of his hand so much so that he doesn’t have to put any effort into an album and it will still be incredible, and he’s absolutely correct. Coming off of an insanely successful Grammy night, Kendrick has made sure to not let his fame even dip.  Right off the bat Kendrick begins to hit us with great lyrics and messages, because he is such a masterful poet.  “For the first track on Kendrick’s untitled unmastered, he uses biblical metaphors to criticize the wholly secular beliefs of modern America. He’s undermining the governmental institutions that America currently worships, pointing out the rapture that’s taking place in the world now.” (genius.com)  Another powerful message coming from this album is “the head is the answer”, Kendrick’s firm assurance that knowledge is the key.  Musically, this album is a stroke genius, thanks to another great collaboration between Kendrick Lamar and Terrace Martin.  Exemplified in the various jazz solos or the funky, James Brown-esque “untitled 08” the production was next level quality.  Quite probably too experimental for general hip hop fans, but just too good to not appreciate as a musician.  As always, Kendrick’s performance himself was dramatic and powerful, displaying many different emotions and characters.  The true masterpiece in this is the eight minute long, three part “untitled 07”.  The first part is Kendrick coming off of his Grammy success and describing the sensation.  It was produced by five year old Egypt Dean… FIVE YEAR OLD EGYPT DEAN! This kid is making gold with Kendrick at age five; I cannot wait to see him at age 25. (although there is no real proof that the child actually produced this)

Overall this was an extremely enjoyable album with outstanding production and expected Kendrick messages that ended too soon: 9/10