ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ (Joey Bada$$) Review

Thank God K-Dot delayed his album release a week later cause it would’ve completely overshadowed the fantastic and necessary sophomore album of the Tupac-esque rapper Joey Bada$$.  This album’s style really throws back to the golden-age of hip-hop and Joey Bada$$’s performance is a home run.  As an album there’s a lot that other rappers can learn a lot from this album:

  1. An album doesn’t need 20+ songs to be successful.  ALL-AMERIKKKAN BADA$$ contains 12 tracks and runs for just under 50 minutes.  To compare, the latest big rap release, More Life, is 22 tracks and 81 minutes.  Too many albums now find the need to fill up space with interludes and throwaway tracks.  Bada$$ keeps it simple, and while there’s less tracks, he bats 1.000 by having every song be great.
  2. Credit your features. It’s just courtesy.  All of the guests on this album make very notable contributions, and many I hadn’t heard of before.

The production work on this album was solid, there was nothing too far out there yet everything was still interesting. Yet, the biggest standout of the album was obviously the overarching political theme through it all.  I’m not gonna go into what he is saying in it, but commend him for delivering upon it strongly, keep it consistent through all 12 tracks, and really bringing it home in the outro.  You can tell it’s a topic that has personally affected him, and one that he is unadulteratedly adamant about.

Two standout tracks are “DEVASTATED” and “BABYLON”.  “DEVASTATED”‘s hook is incredibly catchy, and the climactic passion found on the verses of “BABYLON”, Joey’s version of “Blacker the Berry”, make it my favorite track on the LP.

Overall, this is probably the best rap album of the year so far and really surprised me as to how Joey Bada$$ has now gone from good to great.  9.5/100a5608c99cd5209b622b9cc7d383b9c6.1000x1000x1